50 Series Big Block Mufflers
50 Series Big Block Mufflers
Flowmaster's largest and quietest muffler, the 50 Series Big Block Mufflers is made for tow vehicles, full-size trucks, large SUV’s and RV’s/Motor homes. More than just compatible with big cubic inch engine application, the 50 Series Big Block incorporates a very large Resonance Tuning Chamber to almost completely reduce interior sound in large cab vehicle and enough case volume to handle engines under heavy loads – perfect for tow vehicle. Significant improvements in mileage, torque, and horsepower are to be expected from this muffler, as well as decreased engine heat and wear.

The quietest Flowmaster® makes!
Available in 16-gauge aluminized steel
Fully MIG-welded for maximum warranty
Delta Flow internal technology
Greatly reduces interior sound and resonance

50 Series Big Block Mufflers
Part Number IN/OUT Configuration Sound Material
FLO5305043.00/2.50Dual/DualMildAluminized Steel
FLO535533.50/3.50Offset/OffsetMildAluminized Steel
FLO5275042.75/2.50Dual/DualMildAluminized Steel
FLO5305133.00/3.50Dual/OffsetMildAluminized Steel
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