50 Series HD Heavy Duty Mufflers
50 Series HD Heavy Duty Mufflers
The 50 Series HD Heavy Duty Muffler is appropriately named, a tough customer just like the trucks it was designed for. With 4.00-inch internal components and large case size, these mufflers help to significantly increase mileage, torque, and horsepower while greatly improving towing power acceleration. The 50 Series Heavy Duty is great for all gas and diesel applications, and late-model trucks used in the most extreme working conditions. They are constructed of 16-gauge steel and fully MIG-welded for maximum durability. Stainless models carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Great for quieting large displacement engines
Works great with both gasoline and diesel applications
Large case features three-chamber internal design
Terrific power/torque improvement for tow vehicles
Specifically designed for Dodge trucks with Hemi engines

50 Series HD Heavy Duty MufflersTable
Part Number IN/OUT Configuration Sound Material
FLO95305603.00/3.00Offset/CenterModerateAluminized Steel
FLO95305723.00/2.50Center/DualModerateAluminized Steel
FLO95305823.00/2.50Offset/DualModerateAluminized Steel
FLO9535583.50/3.50Offset/OffsetModerateAluminized Steel
FLO85255542.50/2.50Dual/DualModerateStainless Steel
FLO8535583.50/3.50Offset/OffsetModerateStainless Steel
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