10 Series Delta Force Race Mufflers
10 Series Delta Force Race Mufflers
Single chamber. The 10 Series race mufflers are intended for racing applications and utilize Flowmaster's patented Delta Flow technology for maximum performance. Recommended for racing applications where a muffler is required without a set decibel limit to be met. Will provide a noticeable dB reduction over open headers. Please call the Flowmaster® tech-line for assistance with specific dB requirements and applications.

Durable fully welded 16 gauge aluminized steel - single chamber race muffler
Minimal decibel reduction over open headers
No internal packing to blowout
Race proven patented Delta Flow technology

10 Series Delta Force Race Mufflers
Part Number IN/OUT Configuration Sound Material
FLO3251082.50/2.50Center/CenterAggressiveAluminized Steel
FLO94301093.00/3.00Center/CenterAggressiveAluminized Steel
FLO94301193.00/3.00Offset/CenterAggressiveAluminized Steel
FLO94351093.50/3.50Center/CenterAggressiveAluminized Steel
FLO954010-124.00/4.00Center/CenterAggressiveAluminized Steel
FLO83251082.50/2.50Center/CenterAggressiveStainless Steel
FLO84301093.00/3.00Center/CenterAggressiveStainless Steel
FLO84301193.00/3.00Offset/CenterAggressiveStainless Steel
FLO84351093.50/3.50Center/CenterAggressiveStainless Steel
FLO84351193.50/3.50Offset/CenterAggressiveStainless Steel
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