Outlaw II Series Mufflers
Outlaw II Series Mufflers
Flowmaster's Scavenger Series Outlaw® II Collector mufflers are designed to attach directly to the exhaust header primary tubes of race headers. These race mufflers are compact and are ideal for applications where minimal sound reduction is required, but a muffler rule is in effect. These mufflers are sold individually and are constructed of 409S Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel Construction
Dyno tuned for maximum performance
Outlaw® Race Muffler Technology
Compact Design

Outlaw II Series Mufflers
Part Number IN/OUT Configuration Sound Material
FLO81783501.875/3.50Center/CenterAggressiveStainless Steel
FLO82144002.25/4.0Center/CenterAggressiveStainless Steel
FLO82505002.5/5.0Center/CenterAggressiveStainless Steel
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