Outlaw® Series Mufflers
Outlaw® Series Mufflers
Flowmaster's stainless steel Outlaw® mufflers are the ideal solution for race classes requiring mufflers but having no set sound specifications. Available in two lengths, the Outlaw and Outlaw shorty mufflers provide minimal sound reduction with no performance penalty. These small, light mufflers can be installed directly on your header collectors, or mounted in a full exhaust system depending on your class rules or personal preferences.

Stainless Steel Construction
Aggressive Sound Performance Tone
Maximum Scavenging
Compact Design

Outlaw® Series Mufflers
Part Number IN/OUT Configuration Sound Material
FLO815425S2.50/2.50Center/CenterAggressiveAluminized Steel
FLO154303.00/3.00Center/CenterAggressiveAluminized Steel
FLO15430S3.00/3.00Center/CenterAggressiveAluminized Steel
FLO8154303.00/3.00Center/CenterAggressiveAluminized Steel
FLO15435S3.50/3.50Center/CenterAggressiveAluminized Steel
FLO15440S4.00/4.00Center/CenterAggressiveAluminized Steel
FLO15450S5.00/5.00Center/CenterAggressiveAluminized Steel
FLO8154252.50/2.50Center/CenterAggressiveStainless Steel
FLO815430S3.00/3.00Center/CenterAggressiveStainless Steel
FLO815435S3.50/3.50Center/CenterAggressiveStainless Steel
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